How to Do Paris In a Weekend



The city of love and the city of lights.

It is also one of the most visited cities in the world, especially for lovers.

Let me show you how to do it in a weekend!


I recently visited Paris with my boyfriend of two and a half years. I had not seen him in nine months and figured Paris would be a great place to meet up in as he lived near by.

We had three full days to see everything on our list. Let me share with you some of the top things to do while in Paris on a limited time frame!

my quick tips to a successful weekend trip in Paris!

  1. Book red eye flights so you can have full days to enjoy the city once you arrive.

  2. Book your sleeping accomodations in an acceptable proximity to the attractions that you want to see.

  3. Plan, Plan, Plan! Decide on the what you want to see ahead of time! (Your here so good job!)


top things to do on your trip!


The louvre

the louvre

Where you can find the Mona Lisa.


This spot is one of the most visited museums in the city most famously known for the Mona Lisa. The Louvre can truly take days to fully view, but a stroll through to take a look will do for a short visit. Don’t forget to take your picture outside in front of the glass pyramids either. You may recognize them from the Da vinci code.

Fun fact, most museums offer free visitations on the first Sunday of the month, however you should expect a heavier crowd.


Musee d'Orsay

Musee de l'Orangerie




Jardin des Tuileries

Beautiful spot for some relaxation

After leaving the Louvre you can find the Garden De Tuileries across the way. The garden is sprawling with flowers, perfectly arranged bushes and a long stroll of trees that are very picturesque. This may be best visited during the warmer days of the years when the flowers are thriving. Once leaving the Louvre you can walk through the garden which will then lead you to Place de la Concorde.


The Luxemburg Garden



Eiffel tower 2

eiffel tower

Most visited paid monument in the world.

This was originally built to be the centerpiece of the 1889 world’s fair and was intended to be torn down after 20 years. Surprise, it’s still here!

Each year around 7 million people come to visit and take their photo. The large monument is extremely hard to miss as it is eye grabbing and very beautiful. You can get an amazing view of the city by paying to visit the first, second or third level of the tower.  Once night hits the tower, 20,000 light bulbs glisten with sparkling lights for the first five minutes of every hour. If you go to Paris make sure you get a chance to see the light show. The tower can be best viewed from Place Du Trocadero.


Bastille Place




sacre coure

SAcre coure

Basilica Of the Sacred Heart

This ancient roman catholic church can be found in Montmartre. It is known as one of the highest points in Paris. If you wish to visit, be prepared to walk up a lot of stairs to reach the top and bring water because you will be thirsty. There is also a lift that can get you to the top as well if need be.  



Arc De Triomphe

This monument is one you cannot miss. The humongous arc is in the middle of a very large roundabout that screams of possible wreckage. Although I’ve surprisingly never seen a wreck there. If your wondering how to get under the arc as it is constantly surrounded by traffic, you will have to take an underground tunnel to reach it. From there you can walk underneath the arc. For a fee you can go to the top to get a better view of Paris from the 8th arrisdonnisment  .




sienne river bridge

seine river

The river can be found all around Paris as it surrounds the city. The beautiful river adds a romantic touch the city as the calm, deep aqua waters make passage for cruises around the city. A walk at night along the river would be a great way to end a date in the city of love.




Enjoy the cuisine

Crepes, Wine, and small eateries

As advised by locals, go find small restaurants in the city to eat at. Stay away from most restaurants that are in the high traffic areas as the prices may be higher than most places. You can find a lot of tiny intimate spots in the off streets. Just take a walk and see what you can find. One of the best things about dining in some European places are the food specials. You can find restaurants that have deals such as an appetizer, entree and dessert for one price. I’ve seen some restaurants price the deals as low as 10 euros.


You can’t come to Paris without trying  a crepe! This time I tried a Dulce De Leche crepe and it was delicious. I had a very simple one, the spread was almost like a caramel spread. Simple and yummy. Some popular crepes people get are Nutella Crepes, Crepes with Sucre (sugar), and crepes suzette.


One of french staples is the baguette. As you walk the streets of France you will stumble across boulangeries. Here you can find fresh baked goods and decadent pastries. My favorite is buying a loaf and some strawberry jam and dipping the baguette in it. So delish, especially when purchased hot!! It is a must do.


I don’t think I need to say much here, but France is a wine country, the mother of wine! Don’t come to France and not indulge in its specialty. Also, you can get it very very cheap!



Quick Tips

  • If you are visiting this beautiful city on a weekend you will have plenty to do. When planning your trip try to be specific on where you want to go and when. Also, try to plan your visits by mapping out each spot and visit them in a directional order to be efficient with time. Check out my blog on my trip to Paris to see my Pre-made map!

  • Make sure to check the weather and be prepared for it.

  • Do your research on what scams you are likely to come across, make yourself familiar with them so you can better avoid any traps.

  • Make sure to practice your French. It’s is appreciated of those who try to learn the local language anywhere that you go. Learning your greetings and how to order food should be the main things to learn. And it may sound silly but knowing how to say “I do know speak French” or “ do you speak English” can be very helpful!



Good luck and enjoy Paris,

au revoir!






Garden de Jardin