Brandy's Top Tips to Traveling Cheap


If your anything like me, YOUR REALLY CHEAP!



I like to get the best of the best for a little when I travel. Believe it or not, sometimes I get my way too. Can you believe it? When your traveling money flies like your trying to make it rain.

So again, if your anything like me, you probably want to make it last a bit longer. Keep reading to get my tips on traveling cheap and saving some dollars billz y'all! 




Check out apps like Hotel Tonight to find cheap rates and sometimes you can score some really nice spots!   I have used this app so many times to find great deal on hotels. You should also compare them to prices on other sites to make sure you getting  a steal. Also, if you want to take advantage of their first time users offer you can use code BRCAMPBELL22  to get $25 dollars off your first hotel stay. Other great apps to use for hotels are and


Hostels are also a very cheap way to getting your snooze on during vacation. If you don't mind less privacy the prices are a lot cheaper. For anyone traveling for an extended time on a budget this is a great option. is a good site to search as it compares prices of some popular hostel search engines directly on the site and allows you to book as well.





  This is something I feel like a lot of people miss out on. A lot of people use credit cards to buy things but often forget about the benefits the cards provide. I have about three credit cards and all offer various discounts. The vary from discounts on booking hotels, flights, things to do and coupons on specific purchases. 


Always make sure to check as those discounts are exclusive to you as a card holder.

Some of my best deals come from my Capital One Venture card. They have an exclusive site for booking hotels where some give you packages that include money to spend at the restaurants on the hotels property or other services like late check outs.If your on the market for a great travel card that's a awesome one to have.. according to me.

When it comes to flights my Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card is the bomb. I've gotten about two free flights just from the sign on bonus. You also get a 100 dollar credit when you book your first Delta flight, and you get points for spending, referring, and adding additional users. I have no complaints with that card! Feel free to use my code to get the same deals at ->  






Research shows the golden time frame of purchasing a flight came up to an average of at least 70 days prior to your trip, according to the Business Insider. Sometimes we slip up and let time pass us so using sites like Sky Scanner can help you finagle your way to a trip and help meet your needs. The flight length or seat selection may not be your fav, but you will get there. 



According to some friends I just made at the airport, it's best to book your in and out flights when traffic is slowing down. Leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday or Monday is busy. So try leaving out mid week and returning mid week during the next week. 


Selecting a lower flight level like economy or lowest fare to get the cheapest rate possible is your best bet if your traveling light. You may be limited to the amount of bags and may lose seat choice privilege. 


As for a general flight search engine I personally love using Google Flights. You can track flights if your not ready to buy and Google will email you when the prices raise and drop. It also lets you see the trend of prices months ahead. Of course prices can always change but the interface makes it very easy to decided on when to book down to the time of day by using their various graphs. Last but not least, it is super user friendly.





Once you have made it to your destinations try taking public transportation over  taxi's or Uber. More than likely you will save some cash and involve yourself a bit more into the local culture. Whether it's by bus, train, or even a bike if you really want to explore. Just be aware of your surroundings wherever you are. 





If you are the type of traveler that enjoys doing the "Touristy" things, then sites like Groupon will work in your favor. Even more so because you can access their site from other countries. But most importantly, Tiffany Haddish uses Groupon.... So you know I am too! I may or may have not been serious about that but if you haven't heard her Groupon story do your self a favor click here and watch it... funny stuff man! 

Living Social is another app that does pretty similar things if you can't find what your looking for on Groupon.  It's also owned by Groupon.

Airbnb also has a section of their site that is dedicated to experiences. Some which may come from the town locals and not big companies in the area. Getting the "what to do around here" from a local is always your best bet, so take advantage of it! 





Taking part in the tourist attractions can be tempting. It is an easy way to plan your trip as those activities are always highly advertised.  If you want to stay away from that give this a try.

- Study the place where you are traveling to. If it is in another country study the culture, customs and language. Its always a good idea to get familiar so you can interact with the locals in a more respectful way once you arrive. 

- First step, enjoy yourself! Worry less about taking pictures and videos and more on enjoying and fully  living your experiences. 

- Talk to some locals, maybe at a restaurant, workers, people in public areas and find out what are things that people normally do there that aren't super touristy.

-Lastly, I would also take a look on the Facebook page of the city that your in to see what events are happening. You might come across something fun and sometimes free. Those events are less likely to be a tourist attraction, so if that is the route your are going for make sure to check there first. 




There are always loop holes to traveling cheap. Whether your on a budget or on an extended trip following my tips can help you spend less while you explore. The more you save the longer you can travel right?