Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review


"How the heck does that work,


where can I find them?" 


The Breakdown


In this photo I am wearing MAGNETIC LASHES - DOUBLE 110. These are the first pair that I purchased. 


That was my first thought when I first heard about the magnetic lashes. You guys don't know how excited I was to find out that magnetic eyelashes were a thing! 


I went along and purchased my first pair from Sally's Beauty for under $12 dollars. The first pair I purchased were the Double 110.

They look like normal lashes except you get two full lashes per eye. One goes on top and the other on the bottom. Creating a eyelash sandwich basically.

These I tried out for the first time on camera and it was quite a doozy. I fought with them for a while and ended up cutting them to make it easier to apply.

It took forever and some convincing to cut 14 dollar lashes and hope that they still would work out. I did it anyways and made it work. It was an okay quick fix.


I up until hours before I wrote this thought that equated to a complete fail so I didn't bother editing my video. Today I youtubed other videos and now months  after filming my first review I see that there are tons of youtubers out there that did the exact same thing! CRAZYYYYY! I wish I would have known everyone else had the same idea as me.

Without knowing such I went ahead and purchased a second pair that I thought would work better on my eyes. I figured the first pair was possibly just too long so I bought the Magnetic Accents- Accents 001 from Ardell and made my review on them as well.  Check out my review ! 

In this photo I am wearing the MAGNETIC ACCENTS - ACCENTS 002


A Closer Look


Have you tried any of the magnetic lashes from Ardell? Comment and let us know what you thought!