Atlanta For the Holidays

Here is a glimpse of my first time in ATL! 


For the first time in my life I spent the holidays with my boyfriends family. I guess were making milestones together, and this is probably what getting older looks like. I'm enjoying it though. We drove over from New Orleans for almost a week. We spent most our time inside since it was pretty cold. But, we did manage to step outside to spend a day in the city. I couldn't be so close to Atlanta and not take a peek. We didn't do much but here is a list of places we did visit. 


1. Centennial Park

2. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park

3. The CNN Headquarters

4. Atlantic Station

... and a random hookah bar that was pretty nice. 

Now as you can see our list isn't very long... at all. With that being said I will be back and more prepared to visit some museums, malls, parks and more! 


Have you been to Atlanta? What was your favorite thing to do? Comment below! 

brandy campbell