Looking Good In Ultra HD!


Hey good lookin!

Here is my honest review of Make Up Forever's Ultra HD invisible cover foundation.

Just because it was free doesn't mean I wont tell it straight!


            I may have found a new love in the foundation world. There are a lot of brands out there and I have tried a handful, but the compliments I got from wearing this on beats them all. Well.... almost all of them!  This foundation goes on pretty easily and dries pretty fast once all blended onto your face.  Once it dries I can see that it matches my skin tone perfectly. I have no visible lines of color difference on my neck after applying, which is great because that is a huge NO NO. My foundation is not a mask. 

You can easily solve those issues by making sure you get the correct color match. I was able to find my match out of their large array of colors by using Sephora's color IQ. My match is shown above, y505 aka Cognac. I was also given a smaller sample of my match along with another color y445, which is a lighter brown.  I usually use the lighter one for contouring, which I did in the photos below. 

They were taken while on vacation and I did a little bit of contouring, but nothing to serious. I was going for a natural but still put together look.


When I am not on vacation or trying to do the most and i'm feeling lazy I will usually apply my foundation, mascara, some highlighter and call it a day.

The only issue I had with applying my highlighter was the foundation would dry so fast that my liquid highlighter wouldn't spread as easily. With other foundations I usually don't have that issue. With this brand I use my lighter sample and just mix with my highlighter to help it spread easily. I guess that's the cost of a nice matte finish. 

Full color scale

Shades Galore

"But I love that this line is one of very few with such a large array of color tones. So that is a win for Make Up Forever."


                In the grand scheme of everything I have nothing but love for this product! It is something that I would consider purchasing again after using it all. Now, that may take a while as I usually only need a pump and a half to cover my entire face. But when the time comes I may consider. But I will admit I have my eyes on Rihanna's line with Fenty and I have tried Estee Lauders Double wear and it was pretty nice as well. There is some nice competition out there. But I love that this line is one of very few with such a large array of color tones. So that is a win for Make Up Forever. #Trailblazer

Lastly, I will leave you with my pro tip! Blend your foundation with some liquid highlighter if you want to add some spark to the matte look, there will be a nice glow in the end! 

P.s. This was complimentary of Influenster and Make Up Forever. Make sure to follow this link to get your shade today! 

Also, leave a comment and let me know what you think. Let everyone know if you have tried it and share your opinion, or if you have any questions let them loose! 


What to do next?

Find you match at your nearest Sephora!

Color Swatch photo credit: https://www.sephora.com/product/ultra-hd-invisible-cover-foundation-P398321?skuId=1708957&icid2=products%20grid:p398321

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