Thank God It's Natural Twist & Define Cream Review

Calling all naturalistas

Today I am putting the Thank God it’s Natural Twist & Define Cream to the test. It’s a smaller hair care line that caters to the naturalistas.

I️t also claims to have natural ingredients, so that’s a huge plus for some of y’all out there.

In this video are used the TGIN Honey Hair Mask as well. Take a look at the turn out. 


here's my take on the product

           It does a good job. Period. However, you will need to use A LOT to see results (if your hair is anything like mine). That is something I could have done a lot more of. The more product the better the coverage will be. Therefore giving you a more defined style that will last long with less frizz. It also depends on the porosity of your hair. My hair is dense and needs a lot of love. sometimes I feel like i'm putting enough when in reality i'm not. 

Anyways, I love how well it works in combination with detanglers, especially the one I used in this video. I also like the way it makes my hair feel. As I said in the video I had been having issues with my hair getting tangled up. Up until I shot this nothing was helping to give my hair the proper slip needed to easily detangle, so huge props to them for saving me from the real hassle. Last but not least I have been using this product for while and its pretty consistent. I would say it is worth the try! You have my word. Oh and don't forget that Honey Hair Mask I mentioned... it really does smell good ( to me at least). 



Check out more photos of my look below! 




Products used (In order used):



Jewelry  Mentioned 


Made by Elle De Verre Novelties

P.S. She also makes slumped glass bottles that you can use as food trays and etc. CHECK HER OUT!!!





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