Product Review: Trying the Silk 18 Conditioner!


Giving Maple Holistics a try.

These days people are woke when it comes to hair products. Label reading is big and that is a great thing. We have spent years using products with out knowing what was in them…and we still do. I am still guilty of that. However, I had the chance to try something new, I tried the Silk18 conditioner from Maple Holistics. All of their products are naturally formulated among some other great qualities that I’ll mention later on! With all that being said, I think this is something that “Label Readers” may love!

Before trying the product I scoped out the website to learn more and I was pretty excited to use it.

However, these days I feel like there is a stigma that us naturals should only use products that are marketed towards curly hair. Maple Holistics products are not marketed towards natural hair so I was curious if it would work well with my hair type.

Well I crossed my fingers and tried the product.



My thoughts on the product

As I only had the conditioner I used another shampoo that does a great job of cleansing my scalp from Made Beautiful True. I followed up with the Silk18 Conditioner. I applied it to my hair in four sections and let it set four a few minutes to let my hair absorb it for a few minutes. I was able to detangle my hair with little shedding while letting the product saturate my hair. I rinsed it out and was very surprised by the results. This conditioner left my hair so soft and easy to comb through. As I write this it has been two days and my hair remains to be very very soft. The product also smelled very good as described, it has a light vanilla aroma to it.

Would I recommend this for my fellow naturals and everyone else? Heck yes!! I love it. All I ever want is a product to make my hair soft and comb-able and I got that with this conditioner.

Lets’ try it out!


Last but not least

If my thoughts are not enough then lets get on some product facts!

The conditioner is great for dry hair and breakage as it is a hydrating natural oil conditioner with a Keratin complex protein strengthener.

It is for all hair types and is also paraben free and silicone free, woop woop!

Last but not least you can purchase the conditioner alone for 12.95 on their site here or on amazon here! Let me know what you think.

As I mentioned earlier the company promotes that their products are cruelty free, naturally formulated, the have recycled packaging, holistic synergy and ethical buying…. everyone wins!

Make sure to check out their site and browse their other products here

Will you try the Silk 18 Conditoner ? Let me know below!