| Get Natural Faux Locs | Review & Tutorial

This is my review and tutorial on how I installed the Freetress Bo Loc's!!  Hear the cons and pros of this type of faux locs. Watch and comment! 
Will this be your new fav for faux locs too?


What I Used:

* Two packs of 1B in '18 inches

* Literally three pieces in the color OT30 in'18 inches for highlights  

  Most people say that they use way more packs than I did but I did not want a full head of Faux Locs, two packs was just enough for me!!

Where to purchase?

I got them at my local beauty supply for about $8.00 per pack. 

You can also get them online. I found them online at  Sams beauty for $5.49. That's pretty cheap!!



My Faux Loc Looks


Thanks for reading!