Wash and Go With the Texture ID Line


wHERE DO i start?

Let's start with this... This line changed wash and go's for me... forever!!! From day one I was under the impression that I needed gel to do a wash and go. I just knew that with out it my hair would shrink up even more and appear undefined.

The day I did this wash and go I decided I was done fighting with gel and its hair drying properties and I went with out.




The line that I decided to buy and try is only found at Sally's beauty and has a pretty cool system. Each product shows which hair type it caters to.  The line however isn't as extensive as you would think as there are only six products available at sally's. But all products cover pretty much everything you need to get those strands cleaned and styled!


product line up: 









And that is everything you will need!

When I heard about this new very affordable line I couldn't stop myself from giving it a try. By the way when I say it's affordable the products are $8.99 A PIECE!! Most brands cost twice as much. 

So is it worth it?

I not only gave this a try but captured it on tape for you. Watch below to see for yourself. And if that's not enough keep reading to see why this worked so well for me! Enjoy and please SHARE, LIKE, AND COMMENT :)




Okay, so i'll get the obvious out of the way. My hair needs some repair so that effected some of my results but geez, these products still worked magic. After wearing this wash and go for a few days and refreshing after two days I realized a few things.

1. My hair was moisturized.

The stress that gel put on my hair was horrible and I didn't know that. It's simply just too much for me right now. I might change my mind about gel later but that is how I feel at the moment. Days after my hair was still very soft and manageable. Those are two very important things to me. 

2. Refreshing the style was EASY!

Normally when I would  do my wash and go's refreshing wasn't possible. My hair was found too tangled  and the product build up sucked big time. On day three I decided to give it a try before work... that was a huge gamble but I did it. I wet my hair using the leave in conditioner and the mouse and it worked like magic. it was like day one all over again. I was seriously shocked at how easy it was. It also did not take very long since my hair had not tangled up from the products. 

3. The Curl Clump Game was serious. 

I was able to use my Denman brush to help form uniformish curls and in addiction to the styling cream my curls clumped together so well. Once my hair was dry I could break them apart to create a bigger and fuller look. 





I didn't mention much about the cleansing and conditioning products but they are bomb too, trust me. The shampoo does a very good job and cleaning my scalp from any product build up that I have. Sometimes we go a very long time with out washing our hair and this did the job for me. I just went maybe three weeks with out washing my hair and this worked like a charm. The conditioner is pretty subtle but also does the job. I am able to comb through my hair after using it and that make my life so much easier. Last but not least, the Deep Treatment Mask is good but if i'm being honest I haven't needed it much since the conditioner does the job. I'll make sure to update this blog once I use it again to give a better outlook on it. 


whew! that was a lot.  Hopefully you have a better idea of if this line is for you or nahhh. It is a very simple line. Nothing too crazy or overly extensive or expensive. Almost everything you need is in these six products.  Hope y'all enjoyed this product rant. If you give it a try make sure to stop by and let me know what you thought! worth it or nahhhh??



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