Hair tutorial on X-Pression 3c - Whirly Loop


This was my third time installing this crochet hair. I have installed it this exact same way every time since it looks believable and is easy to install!


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Why did I leave hair out? 


I figured I should expand on the why. I am really big on wanting any added hair to look real.. just as anyone else would want. I found that leaving hair out in the front would give the illusion that the rest is also real. Most people are convinced or wont even question it. 

It also makes it a lot easier to put the hair in a ponytail without the awkward obvious braid crochet details revealed. I also only left out hair because I found I could get my hair to match closely, otherwise I would have braided up my precious strands.  Lastly, this required no heat to achieve so that was a plus.


Top three reasons it's my favorite brand as of now.


1. It CHEAP! 


2. A little goes a long way. I usually use three packs and maybe a few pieces from the fourth. The hair adds up so fast! 


3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it's easy to match my curls to the crochet hair curl pattern! 

Methods I used to match my curls to the crochet curl pattern.


1. A regular twist out.


2. Bantu knots.


3. Combination of a twist out with a Bantu knot at the same time!


Here are some additional photos of the hair! It lasted through a month long vacation.. whew! 


...Now that was a true test to this hair! 



Tempted to try this hair yet? You can purchase it now by clicking here!  Also, I have good news, the price has also been lowered!


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